Studio Search : Ended

It had been a while that I was looking for a studio, but last month I found a place to work. It is a nice, smallish place with large windows on Pine Avenue near St Laurent Blvd (for those familiar with Montreal).

3 Responses

  1. Ignacio says:

    Well, i like your stuff! brilliant, hapinnes, of exquisite facture… i´m from south america, my work is some dark and funny (it´s rare mixing) If you have time, please visit my gallery on…

    Wait for your impressions.

  2. snooze says:

    I think looking for a studio can be pretty stressful. Does it affect your art? Well you probably don’t have a place to create you art now. Well when I get stressed something that helps me is a good massage. I found the best massage in Salt Lake sorry not Montreal, at or The guys name is ron McCormick and he’s a Licensed massage therapist. You wouldn’t suspect it if you saw him on the street. He looks like he could be a Army general but he’s know for his strong yet gentle hands. Well anyway take care of yourself and maybe you should get a good massage. If you find the best massage in Montreal, let me know. It could free your art you never know. Nice art by the way.

  3. mark says:

    Uh, thanks snooze – i will keep that in mind.