Purchase Art Online

I am working on a new section for my portfolio web site where people will be able to purchase small works on paper. They will be easy to ship and not too expensive (and you will be able to pay online). Coming soon.

I am not sure what to call the section, Gallery? Store? Purchase? Buy? The last three seem a bit crass. Suggestions?

3 Responses

  1. amber says:

    perhaps you could just call it “gallery” or “small works” and then just make a link individually at the bottom of each piece that says “buy now” or “purchase this piece” listed with the price….sounds easy enough….just a suggestion! great work by the way…its always good to see your ideas and final pieces.

  2. Corey Mullins says:

    Amber seems to have it nailed with small works. It implies a lot of what you talked about from a commercial point of view – easy to ship – not too expensive.

    Another idea is to call it something like “Available for Collectors” although writing it down just now – it feels sort of sly.

    What about “Available Small Works”.

  3. mark says:

    Thanks for the suggestions. I think “Small Works” or “Available Small Works” would work very well. Now I just have to finish designing and coding the pages!